Even great artists put out a turd once in a while.

Horrible song from VNV Nation came on on Pandora.  Clicked over to skip it, and I was entirely unsurprised to see the cover picture from Matter + Form.

Seriously.  Throw the master for that abomination into the explodey Tardis cracks.  Failing that, collect and incinerate every copy.  That album was so bad it should be covered by obscenity laws.  This is William Hung level “quality”, only everyone including Hung knows you are going to get horrible “music”, there’s no expectation of quality there, you listen to it because it is bad.  So bad it’s good, and then wraps around to bad again.  Repeat an uncountable number of times until you finally land again on HORRIBLE.

Their prior stuff is amazing, and Judgement was amazing. But Matter + Form was a travesty.

I wonder if I can blacklist albums from Pandora playlists?  

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