Echoes of an Alien Sky

Echoes of an Alien Sky:  About 40% of the way through.  Whoever was responsible for proofreading the Kindle edition should be fired.  If that was no one, whoever should have hired a proofreader should themselves be fired.  In an especially egregious example of why, there is a conversation structured in the text as follows:

A: bla bla bla

B: bla bla blee bla

A: Blable bla bla

C: Bla Bla Bla!


Only A and B were in the room.  C literally wasn’t even on the planet at the time.  Given the context, I *think* the line attributed to C was supposed to be from B.  

There’s also a sentence at about the 1/3 point where I think an entire paragraph went missing.  Random misspellings and dropped words abound, and it’s clearly not representational of a strange alien dialect.  The / “dialog” dialog” other text / constructions make dialog scenes tough to follow.  Which quotation mark is superfluous?  Was part of the second dialog string meant to be outside quotes?  This isn’t always clear.

Ok, mistakes happen, and some will even survive a competent editing process.  But what the hell?  This isn’t a self published book.  It’s from Baen Books, who I thought was established enough to have heard of the concept of an editor, and have some idea what these people are supposed to do.  Someone dropped the ball here.

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