Warchief Candidate Roundup

So, with the Dominance Offensive storyline, we’ve got some political machinations going with potential implications for whoever is going to replace Garrosh as Warchief.  Spoilers ahead.

I think the Kalimdor lineup of potential Warchiefs hasn’t shifted much.  Baine is too new, Gallywix LOL.  Not much looking good among the Orcs, I suppose Thrall could return but after putting Garrosh in charge, I don’t see that as being the way forward.  Vol’jin appears to be the strongest candidate here.

The Eastern Kingdoms, though, that might be looking interesting.  Sylvanas wouldn’t be trusted, she’d have no chance at holding the Horde together and she is probably smart enough to know this.  

Lor’themar, though… From the DO quests:

Grand Magister Rommath: “You would make a fine Warchief, my lord”

Lor’themar Theron: “It may come to that”

So, the idea of a power grab is on his mind.  I think he’s likely to get the support of Sylvanas if he does make a move- she probably(with good reason) trusts him more than she does the Kalimdor leadership, and having the center of Horde power practically next door will only benefit her own influence.

Kalimdor I see lining up behind either Thrall or Vol’Jin.  Hopefully Vol’Jin.  Given the help Vol’jin gave against the Zandalari, if it comes down to Lor’themar and Vol’jin, I expect Lor’themar to stand aside.  Thrall though? I suspect Lor’themar likes Thrall, and is grateful for all that he did to help the Blood Elves, but he’s not going to forget who put Garrosh in charge.  We might see a serious contention if it comes down to Lor’themar and Thrall.

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