Perez Hilton Vs Lady Gaga

So, some time ago Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton had a falling out.  Ok, it happens, friendships end for any number of reasons.  Hilton has suggested Gaga’s drug use played some role, but very few details have come out- certainly nothing that a bystander could use to judge who was the real asshole prior to the incident that happened this weekend, which was…

Hilton ends up checking out an apartment in Gagas building.  Given the unstated crap that apparently has gone on between them, and, oh, Hiltons entire body of work, Lady Gaga quite understandably freaked out.  Hilton claims he was just checking out apartments in several places, and didn’t realize until later that he was in Gagas building.  Plausible enough, but if he can’t see why Gaga would be a bit concerned he’s a moron.

All I really have to go on for who should be backed in this is their public personae.  Given that, my support provisionally goes to Lady Gaga.  She’s not the crazy bully that Hilton is.  I’ll grant that this might change if I knew them personally, and additional evidence could also overturn it even if their public and private personae are identical.  But for now, Gaga seems to be the better person.  

Gaga’s fans, however.  They are crossing ALL THE LINES.  Death threats against Hilton- ok, you’re an asshole if you think this is ok.  But hey, I understand hyperbolic expressions of anger.  Most of these threats probably are, though I’d advise Hilton to not brush them off out of hand- there’s a chance some are serious.  Anyways, while I can’t approve, I can understand the impulse to make such a hyperbolic threat.

One thing that’s just straight up FUCK YOU GO AWAY are the death threats against his son.  Ok, you want to be an asshole and cross the line of a death threat, could you AT LEAST confine that shit to the actual person that has pissed you off?  I doubt I like Hilton much more than you do, but seriously, do you know what basic human decency is?  Like that love and happiness and peace shit that Gaga goes on about?

Another thing- wishing AIDs on Perez Hilton?  Umm… Think about this for a second.  I really hope you haven’t until now.  Wishing AIDs on a gay man.  Given the history of the gay community and AIDs.  You wished AIDs on a gay man.  Do you think that someone might see this as at least a little homophobic?  And you are doing this in support of Lady Gaga who is a huge champion of the LGBT community?  I really hope those of you doing this didn’t think it through, at least then you could claim ignorance.  Intent is not magic.  It does not erase or change the actual effects of what you say.  Among people that know you well enough to reliably guess intent it might save you from a freudian slip or autocorrect hilarity, but in a public forum, you just come off as an asshole.

I have yet to be motivated to look to see what extremes Hilton’s fans are going to in support of their idol.  Hopefully they aren’t this crazy, though knowing that crazy infests all human groups, they probably are this crazy.

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