NOM… please go away.

So NOM is claiming that Huffington Post admitted they were right.

The article “admitting” this? Was in the blog section, which even on HuffPo occasionally gets some batshit loony right wingers posting along side equally loony left wingers and everyone in between.

As for what the guy was complaining about, one thing was a legal challenge to force the Church of England to allow gay marriage within the church. I agree with the right wingers on this. If it’s against church principles, then the church shouldn’t have to do it. This isn’t something where the church denying it creates a de facto ban under de jure legality, there is no legitimate government interest in forcing the Church to change on this.

A possible complication might be the remaining links between the Church of England and the government- I don’t know how deep those links are, or whether they are symbolic or involve actual authority of one over the other. There might be a case if the Church is effectively an arm of government, though I’d suggest this to be a reason to further cut ties between church and state rather than a reason to force gay marriage on them.

The other issue brought up in the blog is the BBC endorsing polyamory. I briefly skimmed the article- it simply describes a polyamorous relationship. Ok, a news website in the United Kingdom is telling people about things that happen in the United Kingdom. I’m failing to see the problem with this.

NOM article, HuffPo article, Legal Challenge, Polyamory

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