Yes, You’re Sexist

Yes, You’re Sexist is a great twitter feed. They retweet stuff that people say with a disclaimer like “I’m not sexist but…”- they had a great one today.

Now, I think there are times when someone might say something more or less ok, but it ends up sounding sexist or racist or whatever. In these cases, providing the proper context for your statement will do more for your case of not being sexist than the disclaimer ever would, even if the intent behind your words is identical in both cases. I try to provide this context. Occasionally I’ll add the disclaimer too if I’m not sure I’m wording things right, but it’s not really a disclaimer of an ism, it’s a request for a chance to clarify before you go apeshit on me(I’ve unknowingly stepped in a steaming pile of isms before, so if I fail to adequately clarify and/or apologize for clumsy phrasing, feel free to unload on me so I can get better on this).

Anyways, the original tweeter said “I hate when a guy is overly emotional, no, I’m not being sexist but fuck neither a guy or a girl should be that crazy.”… Now, the last bit indicates that the persons views on this matter might not actually be sexist, but the intro sort of undercuts that point. The most important material generally goes first, or second following crucial context setting information. Assuming this tweet follows that standard pattern, this is a horribly sexist thing to say. Maybe the tweeter doesn’t like overly emotional women, but they seem to hate overly emotional men even more. That’s sexist.

Now, maybe the disclaimer is actually true- maybe the tweeter is not actually sexist.  This is where providing the proper context can help.  And heck, it even saves typing.  “I hate people who are overly emotional”- provides the proper context of who you hate, with no appearance of sexism that requires a disclaimer to shield yourself.

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