Richard Dawkins says something stupid again.

I think Dawkins needs to learn to shut the hell up sometimes.

I’m glad that his abuse did not do much if any lasting harm- that’s great. But every incident of abuse is different, every victim has different resources for coping. He seems to expect all cases that appear at first glance to be roughly analagous to produce similarly light damage as he suffered- this is not going to be the case.  Not remotely.

And while I get that people should get some credit for being a product of their time- this doesn’t mean that their actions were in any way OK. The circumstances surrounding an action or statement should be considered, and this may warrant excusing, or considering justified, normally reprehensible actions and statements, but that does not automatically mean these actions and statements were in any way OK. I think this is what Dawkins was going for, but there were some shades of “it is ok” in his response.

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