6 Insane Video Game Fan Theories (That Make Total Sense) | Cracked.com

6 Insane Video Game Fan Theories (That Make Total Sense) | Cracked.com.


World of Warcraft takes place in the Stargate(TV) universe.

First piece of evidence is the bleeding obvious one- Two planets have large ring structures that can transport people and equipment from one to the other essentially instantaneously.

There are also the PvP vendors in Stormwind.  Officially, it’s homage.  But are we so sure?

Sargeras?  Oh, an insanely powerful spiritual being that can possess mortal bodies, like his avatar and oh Medivh?  Anubis.  The bit where he was once a good guy- these are stories of when he manipulated Oma Desala into helping him ascend, and his activities shortly thereafter before he dropped the ruse.  He’s likely not actually affiliated with the Titans at all- or, perhaps, Sargeras never fell to darkness.  His body was stolen to serve as a host to Anubis.  However this connection works, The Burning Legion is an army in the service of Anubis.

The Old Gods – This is what Anubis is after, a power from the dawn of time that is so evil and destructive that the System Lords banned any research into it.  Think about it- why keep going after Azeroth?  Pride, yes, but this is a world with no space program and a Stargate that only connects to one other place, a shattered remnant of Draenor.  It could be bypassed while the Legion takes care of other battles, and then crushed utterly after being denied any possible support.  Pride can still be satisfied.  Anubis needs something, and that something is the power of the Old Gods chained to the world.

There are a few other potential parallels to be drawn, though they tend to be much more debatable as to what part of the Stargate universe corresponds to a given part of the Warcraft universe.

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