Of Dice and Men

Mostly through “Of Dice and Men”. It’s quite good overall, goes into a lot of the stupid that was behind the scenes at TSR- The length of their good times is almost an argument for God, and that God is a DnD player. Realistically it shows the strength of their product line.

It paints an interesting picture of Gary Gygax- most of the time he’s treated as a demigod or epic hero. A much more human picture is coming through in “Of Dice and Men”- a brilliant, driven, but human figure with all the faults that implies. Far more compelling to me than the deification I’ve seen elsewhere.

Similar coverage of David Arneson, the all too often forgotten co-creator.  Brilliant, influential, but still human.  These sorts of portrayals are important- they show what humans can achieve, not what gods can achieve.  And this can be quite an inspiration for this crazy ape tribe of ours.

I haven’t been entirely happy with how it covers female gamers, though at least so far, this might be excusable as showing how things were back in the day, as opposed to a blanket statement of how things should be for all time. I’ll have to finish the book to see how this plays out. Now that he’s reached the point where female players are becoming more common, he’s not raging against it or anything, so that’s good.

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