Mage: The Awakening character concept

Reading through Mage: The Awakening I got an idea for a Thyrsus concept. Feral human. I’m thinking something like a young child, possibly pre-verbal, was the sole survivor of a plane crash in the wilderness. Taken in by some feral dogs(this seems more plausible that they’d be nice to a human than the standard “raised by wolves”), presumed deceased after search parties find the wreckage- assumed to have been carried off and eaten by some carnivore, the other bodies still there because they were harder to get to.

A couple decades later, he’s a mage wandering the forests.

If done as a PC, the pre-verbal bit might have to go. Pre-verbal humans who go feral and aren’t pulled back to society by around 6 or so rarely develop much in the way of language skills. This could be incredibly difficult to roleplay, outside perhaps a slapstick comedy game. General social skills are also very difficult to develop if you aren’t around other humans in your early childhood.

The Awakening process could reasonably provide a way around these obstacles that real people have, but it seems almost like a cheat to go too far with this workaround. Better off than most in his situation, sure. Normal dude with great wilderness survival skills, is just a mockery of the feral human concept(normal dude great in the woods can work, just not from a feral human concept). There’s going to be some delicate balancing with when he was separated from society and when and how he reconnects.

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