On honoring veterans

This has been going through my mind for a while.  What is the best way to honor veterans who sacrifice so much- time with their family, time safe and warm, their sanity, even their lives, to ensure the safety of those back home?

Donating time, money, and other resources to veterans charities is great, it’s all well and good to vote for political leaders who will implement policies that support veterans(or if you are such a political leader, do that yourself directly).  This is all great stuff and should be done.

But there’s another thing you should do.  Work towards a world where we don’t need veterans.  A world where war and other forms of violence are no longer options mentally healthy people would even consider taking for settling a dispute, and a world where those with mental illness that might push them in this direction are properly cared for.  Where we can respect each other despite our differences, where we can recognize our common humanity, where disputes can be settled with words.

I don’t have easy answers for how to achieve this, but we’ve really got to get it done if humanity is to have a long future.  But while the big movements towards peace are important, every little bit helps.  Do something, even if it’s as simple as screaming “FUCK YOU” and storming off rather than throwing a punch.  Maybe if you can achieve that, your kids can manage to simply disengage quietly, and your grandkids can have a courteous conversation.  But someone has to make that first step, however small it is, and it might as well be you.

It will take a while, but with those able to working on the big problems, and the rest of us doing smaller stuff like I mentioned last paragraph, we can get there.

Honor veterans and their sacrifices by building the world where those sacrifices are no longer needed.

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