Donald Sterling is an asshole.

If I believe certain twitter feeds, Sterlings girlfriend behaving unethically in creating that recording absolves Sterling of any guilt of his own for what he said.

I haven’t really dug in deeply enough to judge her ethics in this situation for myself, but seriously? He said or did not say those things, they were or were not utterly horrible. How the recording was created and how it came to light is not relevant to whether or not Sterling is himself a decent person.

If this was a court of law, ok, maybe the circumstances of creating and acquiring the recording would be relevant. Standards of evidence are much higher because the potential consequences are much greater. But in general discussion and analysis of whether or not Sterling is an asshole, those circumstances really aren’t relevant.

Now, if the arguments I had seen were like “how can we trust the full context was released?”, that could potentially be a reasonable line of defense if an attempt at explaining how the full context vindicated Sterling was made. I suppose authenticity could be a concern, but there doesn’t seem to be much pushback on that front that I’ve seen.


Is not an argument.  It’s just dumb and misogynistic.  Want to defend Sterling?  Go after the authenticity or completeness of the recording, throwing out shit like this just makes you look like a dumbass who took a dual major in douchebaggery.

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