Chik Fil A boycott

So. Chilk Fil A. I decided not to eat there because of Dan Cathy being a jackass and some of their corporate giving being a bit quesitonable. Mostly the latter. Whatever companies you spend money at, some of your money is going to get into the paychecks of people who will use it in ways you do not approve of. So if it was just Cathy, I might have been less bothered by the whole situation there.

Anyways, having never eaten there this was easy, wasn’t really giving anything up.

Then, conflict. I had left my debit card at home and a friend offered to buy me lunch, she was going to Chik Fil A. Not supporting homophobic jackasses is important to me, but being grateful for stuff like friends buying me lunch is also important. I chose the person in front of me rather than the political stand and ate the chicken nuggets.  I won’t apologize for this choice, but I wouldn’t hate on anyone for going the other way either.

This whole Chik Fil A boycott got a whole lot more inconvenient for me in a hurry. The company is run by assholes, but damn do they do their job well.

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