Five Stupid Things About HIV/AIDS Denialism – YouTube

The stupid thing to me- Treatments based on the idea that HIV causes AIDS work in delaying progression to AIDS, very often to the point where when the person does eventually die, it’s of something entirely unrelated to HIV or AIDS.  This is well documented.  Denying HIV/AIDS causation is basically saying that these treatments only work by pure luck.  And then as HIV evolves around it, these drugs that can’t be working by fighting HIV(because then they wouldn’t help AIDS) evolves around it, by random chance, the drugs stop working.  Modifying the drugs based on the HIV changes gets them to work again.  And all this happens, and happens consistently, by pure chance?

That’s basically what the deniers claim.

Ok, not all of them, some of them that Steve discusses go way off the deep end and claim things like the AIDS drugs themselves cause AIDS, but these people are so wrong that correcting them would probably require a semester long course in epistemology and critical thinking before you could even start on the HIV stuff.


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