No, this study does not say that.

Unless You Have Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity is in Your Head — NOVA Next | PBS.

The headline is pretty much total crap.

While the research does suggest that non-celiac gluten sensitivity doesn’t exist, it is not at all enough to say it’s all in your head.  The article does mention a hypothesis about FODMAPs being the actual cause, further research is needed to look into that.

Also, some replication of these results is called for.  This study may well simply be wrong.  It looks to be reasonably well done, so that seems unlikely, but until we see some replication, we really can’t rule it out.

And while the study participants may well not have a physical reaction to gluten, the study is small enough that it could plausibly miss rare conditions, other than celiac, that cause gluten sensitivity.  Non-celiac gluten sensitivity may exist, but be much more rare than popularly believed.  Further studies might be able to help here.

There’s just not enough in the study to remotely justify the headline used.  The study doesn’t say that.  The study says it’s something other than gluten.  IT does not say it’s all in peoples heads.

PBS, please do better next time or I might feel forced to join with Republicans in calling for your funding to be cut.  Not that I hate public broadcasting, but if we’re going to have it, I don’t want this sort of bullshit spreading paid for with my tax dollars.

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