The Golden Throne imprisons, not sustains, the Emperor of Man

According to the official story, the Emperor of Man in Warhammer 40k was mortally wounded when facing off against Warmaster Horus, and was placed in the Golden Throne to keep him, and the human race, alive. I think there is reason to doubt that story.

What really happened?

Now, a curious fact is that the Ultramarines were largely spared the devastation that faced the other loyalist Legions. They were deployed too far away to marshall much of a response to Horus’ rebellion. Why? Officially, they were just kicking that much ass and moving that fast on the crusade. But, perhaps, someone knew they’d be a problem and ensured their orders took them far, far away. The remaining legions were able to beat back the Chaos armies. Barely, but still, they won. If the Ultramarines were able to join the fight in significant numbers, the Chaos rebellion would likely have never even gotten close to Earth.

Who could have gotten them sent that far away? It had to be one of the Primarchs. Others sending them to the ass end of nowhere would have been immediately suspect and subject to a quick veto. Only the Emperor or the Primarchs could have had the authority to issue such orders.

Suspects? Rogal Dorn is suspect number 1.

My charge is that Rogal Dorn fell to chaos, and was not content to be a servant of Horus- he wanted to rule it all. He knew he could not take Horus on his own, and even if he did, the Emperor would be quick to put him down. So he arranged to send the Ultramarines away and draw Horus to Terra, forcing the Emperor to face him. He likely didn’t know or care who would win the fight, only that the winner would be severely weakened by the effort. Weak enough that Dorn could have finished them off, and with both factions demoralized with the loss of their leader, they’d be ripe for a takeover. And then, secure in his power, he’d be ready with a united force to take on the returning Ultramarines.

Who found the Emperor? Isn’t it convenient that Dorn got there just after the fight ended?

Unfortunately for Rogal Dorn, more Marines came pouring in before he could deliver the death blow. Quickly coming up with a backup plan, he arranged for the Golden Throne to prevent the Emperor from recovering, giving him time to regroup and make another play for power in due time.

Oh… which Primarch was most resistant to the breakup of his legion, and the resultant reduction in his personal power? Rogal Dorn. And when he was forced to, isn’t it perhaps curious that he sent the most fanatically loyal faction of the Imperial Fists off on a crusade as the new Black Templars, keeping the rest of his forces close at hand?

The Golden Throne is said to be malfunctioning. Perhaps that’s because the Emperor is in fact slowly recovering, and the Throne is simply not able to keep up anymore? What will he do when he can once again step off the Throne and lead his people?

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