Salvaging Star Trek: Enterprise “These Are The Voyages”

I wonder if, using publicly available materials, it would be possible to reedit Star Trek: Enterprise – “These Are The Voyages” to remove the framing story, or failing that, rework the framing story as time travel rather than the holodeck? The holodeck angle ruined the episode IMO. And the idea of Riker needing a holodeck adventure to make the decision to tell Picard about Pegasus just seemed out of character.  He might struggle with the decision, but I don’t see the holodeck as a tool he’d use to figure it out.

It would be easy enough to say that for the edit, one of Will Rikers ancestors was the chef on Enterprise, but I’m not sure how to deal with his other appearances on NX-01. Maybe they let him play around on the bridge during the last voyage, but appearances in TNG era uniform and as a MACO are harder to think of a way to work around.  That’s where I’m thinking of invoking time travel.  If he was sent back to actual events, for historical research or perhaps to make sure things went right(Maybe the Temporal Cold War had briefly reignited?), that might work.

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