Robot Chef That Can Cook 2,000 Meals Set To Go On Sale In 2017 | IFLScience

Robot Chef That Can Cook 2,000 Meals Set To Go On Sale In 2017 | IFLScience.

The price mentioned in the article is $15,000. While hugely expensive for a consumer gadget(now- it will likely come down over time if the thing works well), robots like this at that price could be amazing for anywhere that has to produce huge numbers of standardized meals. For a military mess hall, for instance, this would be a BARGAIN over a human cook. Get rid of every human cook job that only supports cooking in garrison. Free up budget for some savings, perhaps more infantry, more guns, or whatever. Prisons would benefit- maybe send the savings to oh, I don’t know, rehabilitation programs? That would be nice.
Fast food might benefit, though there might be some question over the things capabilities to modify a recipe on the fly- which happens even at McDonalds in response to customer requests.

It might be interesting to see how the economy reacts to increasing automation. A lot of jobs will be lost, and it’s hard to see how we’ll replace them all unless we start doing something that is fundamentally new. Manufacturing is already highly automated, there are only so many maintenance jobs out there, and robotics reaching this level can start wiping out jobs in the service sector – so we can’t count on that saving us like we could with manufacturing automation. High unemployment will become a constant when there are more people than jobs the economy can possibly come up with even under ideal circumstances.

Hopefully, costs will drop enough with the increased automation that we could afford a vastly expanded social safety net- basic survival will have to simply be given to people because it will be fundamentally impossible for many people to get a job to pay for it. Even if we legalize dealing drugs, how would you find customers when you’re dealer #700 in a neighborhood of 750?

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