The Friend Zone

Unrequited attractions can suck, believe me, I know. But there’s a reason they aren’t with you. Maybe you haven’t had the guts to say something, maybe she just sees you as a friend(this is most likely in my experience). And hell, maybe she really is that manipulative basketcase you rant about.
But you aren’t owed crap. It’s not “get X relationship points and get what you want”.
And honestly, what’s so bad about people wanting to be friends with you? These situations can work out into good friendships that you’ll celebrate as much as you would a romance, again, speaking from experience here. Give it a chance.
I wouldn’t call it inherently bad if you want a romantic/sexual relationship or nothing, but if that’s what your feelings are, you need to 1) Actually say something about how you really feel, and 2) Accept it and step away if she’s not interested. Skip straight to 2) if you aren’t willing to do 1).
It’s not a fun situation, but speaking with a few decades experience on this planet, this is how you need to handle it if you want to be happy, and want to be the sort of person that can attract women(or men, or people in between and off the binary).

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