Warlords of Draenor LFR impressions

The first couple LFR raids in WoD aren’t bad. Fairly easy, with mostly standard raid mechanics for DPS- don’t stand in fire, run like hell if the boss chases you(for DPS/heals), kill adds first, the basics any raider needs to know.

There are a few interesting ones, like one boss that spilts in two when you kill him, and those splits split in four, and once you kill all 8 of the final splits you’ve won. And you have to do it fast, or he’ll earthquake the raid and probably kill most of you.

Mechanics are punishing enough to actually kill people reasonably quickly(I’d have gone down a couple times if not for my engi shield), but forgiving enough that you don’t need lightning reflexes to survive, just need to pay attention to when you need to move or pop a defensive CD. Which is where LFR should be to present a mild challenge and to prepare people for more difficult raids.

Haven’t actually done any of the heroics yet, plan to read up on them a bit after work today and step into the queue while I farm Apexis Crystals or something.

Loving my hunter. BM is amazing. I especially love tanks that PULL EVERYTHING IN SIGHT SO I CAN BARRAGE.  And being able to say “Oh a 102 elite randomly wandering the world?  I’ll go kill it now”.  There are nice things you can accomplish when you carry around a tank everywhere you go.  And.. GLYPH OF FETCH OMG.

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