Federal Express Flight 705

Federal Express Flight 705 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The co pilot, with only one functioning hand during most of this incident, pulled off dogfighting maneuvers in a DC-10.

Two seriously injured pilots, with the plane flipping around like it was in a dogfight, take on a healthy, armed, martial arts expert who came at them with the advantage of surprise.  AND THEY WIN.  Barely, but still, they take him down and keep him down.  And they weren’t fighting to kill anyone, the other guy was.  So really, RESTRAINING themselves, with all their other advantages, they won.

And then, well over their maximum landing weight, with no way to dump fuel and maintain control of the aircraft, the Captain manages to land with room to spare.

You wouldn’t expect some of the most epic flying and most epic hand to hand combat ever to occur in the same incident, but they did.

And of course, the Captain was the last man off.

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