Petition seeks to strip Caitlyn Jenner of Olympic medals

Petition seeks to strip Caitlyn Jenner of Olympic medals.

This is dumb.

Trans people not lucky enough to get on puberty blockers as kids develop anatomical structures matching their assigned gender(excpetions for some intersex and hormone related conditions that are sometimes also present, but that’s not the case here).  Their skeletal structure, size, and musculature, all the things relevant to athletic competition, are standard issue for their birth assigned gender.

Unless they can come up with a scientifically supported argument that being a closeted transwoman gave her an advantage, and that either she knew this at the time(you might be able to argue cheating on this count), or that the advantage was so huge that no man could possibly overcome it(not just that they failed to, which is a matter of historical fact, but that they couldn’t), there’s simply no argument here.  She earned her medals.  Want to say otherwise- show the research.  The biochemistry showing more efficient calorie use, the stats on transwomen defeating men in athletic competition, show some *actual data*.

My expectation that such an advantage would ever be shown to exist… Well, about as close to zero as they can get.  Literally the only reason I don’t say zero is that I’ve been wrong in the past.

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