Sense8 Season 2 prediction

Some spoilers here, so it’s all behind a cut.

So, at the end of Season 1, Will and Riley are united in person after the cluster came together to rescue Riley from a BPO facility in Iceland.

Whispers now knows for sure that the two are part of the same cluster, and has the ability to visit Will.

Will cannot head back to Chicago.  Whispers will know that’s where he’s from very quickly, even if the Iceland rescue op was the first time Whispers became aware of Will.  Won’t be hard for him to track down a Chicago cop, especially since Chicago is already on his radar given thats where the birthing happened and where Jonas was captured(by Will no less!).  Even if a suitable safehouse is available, just getting him into the city, without either him or Riley being spotted, would be difficult.

I’m only going to review other options that have a clustermate living there as places they could go next.  Obviously, they could head to anywhere in the world.

Iceland and London are right out, Riley was at least moderately famous as a DJ, Whispers probably has her entire bio at hand and will be watching both places closely to see if she turns up.

San Francisco is a terrible idea, given he’s already looking for a sensate there.

Nairobi could work, but the gangs Capheus has ticked off would be a serious threat.  Mexico City could also work, but Joaquin could cause problems.  He sees a wanted poster or something, he’s selling them out in an instant.

Berlin is right out, the cops will be combing the city to find out what the hell happened after Wolfgangs rampages.  He’s probably looking to get out of the city to avoid the cops as it is, so Riley and Will won’t have anyone to watch their backs.

Which leaves us with Mumbai.  While the assassination attempt on Kalas possible future father in law indicates it’s not entirely safe, the threats against random people or people specifically in the cluster are minimal compared to every other option.  Wolfgang needs to leave Berlin anyways, and he’s already expressed a desire to go to India.  Riley just needs a place to crash.  Will- well, he needs a way to keep Whispers out of his head.  The sedatives work, but leave him nonfunctional.  It did seem that Angelicas drugs weren’t quite as debilitating, but they were pretty rough.  Who lives in Mumbai?  Kala, a chemist with a pharmaceutical company.  If there’s a drug that can block Whispers, with less debilitating side effects than the sedatives currently being used, Kala can probably get ahold of some or just make it herself.

The next step in gathering the cluster together- Mumbai, with Riley, Will, Kala, and Wolfgang all meeting up.  It just makes a lot of sense considering the current threats the cluster as a whole, and those members in particular, are facing.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see a parallel gathering where Nomi and Lito get together in person.

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