Diablo III takes place in the Stargate universe

So, I’ve long had a theory that World of Warcraft takes place in the Stargate universe.(discussed here: http://behind-blue-eyes.us/2013/09/18/6-insane-video-game-fan-theories-that-make-total-sense-cracked-com/ )

A new one?  Diablo takes place in the Stargate universe as well.

I don’t think the Goa’uld are involved here.  I suspect the Eternal Conflict involves Ancients and Ori in open conflict. The High Heavens is the home of the Ancients faction, the Burning Hells, the Ori faction.

The Nephalem would have been the result of some Ancients and Ori remembering that once, they were the same people… and taking steps to rebuild their previous society and end the long war.  Hell… Perhaps, Sanctuary eventually becomes known as Earth, after the Ancients and Ori call a truce.  A lot of how the Ori were raising hell was specifically planned to minimize the chances of Ancients getting involved, perhaps it wasn’t general caution but a specific treaty, ending the Eternal Conflict, they were staying just on the right side of?

Leah would have been something similar to an Orici, a prepared vessel through which the Ori can intervene on the mortal plane.

Tyrael, like other ascended beings, was able to choose to descend into mortal form, albeit at the cost of his social standing among the Ancients and some memory blocks.

One of these days I should take these wacky theories I come up with and start writing fanfic based on them.  Obviously, Diablo isn’t meant to take place in the Stargate universe(though it wouldn’t shock me if there’s an idea or two inspired by Stargate), but still, it’s fun to think about.

Get me copies of Starcraft and Starcraft 2, and I could probably find a way to make the third major Blizzard franchise work as part of the Stargate unvierse.

With a little harmonization work with another theory I’ve come up with(but haven’t written about in detail), I can bring Doctor Who and both Battlestar Galactica series into the same shared universe.

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