Skepticon Q&A drama

I was meaning to look up the video from Mizzou that had that assault happen, and watch the Skepticon Q&A with the journalist who made it, to see what all the drama was about so I could judge for myself.

Might have to put that off to when I have more time and aren’t just coming off being sick.

There does seem to be some of the general anti-SJ regressives just reflexively attacking Skepticon, but there’s also some of that pushback that sounds a lot like “you can’t criticize that guy he’s autistic”… Yeah, no. If you know someone is autistic, sure, that should probably guide how you deliver your criticism, but if they do wrong they do wrong and should not be beyond criticism. If someone is high functioning enough to do a public Q&A, they are probably functional enough to be held accountable for misconduct. Bitching about the criticism and not engaging at all with the content or even tone of said criticism really sounds like you are saying otherwise. And that’s a problem.

Still need to check out the relevant videos, just some of the criticism that has gone out is pretty much crap.

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