Stargate: Worlds

I really wish Stargate: Worlds had not crashed and burned due to financial mismanagement.

I was in the alpha(I’m not sure if the NDA is still valid, but hey, it’s not like anyone is left to sue me), and that game really was shaping up to be something cool. Combat was at about the right level of realism for the franchise, the story made sense for the franchise, it was just looking like a good, solid game. Nowhere near release quality of course in the state I played it, but given more time with better management, it really could have been an amazing game. Would have pretty much killed WoW for me immediately upon release if it had lived up to even half its potential. We’re talking pre-NGE Star Wars: Galaxies good here, in terms of respect for the source material as well as standing on its own as a good game. SOOOO much lost potential here.

I still harbor a vain hope that someone will buy up all the rights and finish it properly. They’d probably have to make some small storyline changes for it to work(for instance, reporting to General Hammond for the tutorial missions and kicking off the storyline probably wouldn’t work), but the general story(budget and political fuckery shuts down the SGC, a bunch of SGC forces relocate offworld and there’s a crazy war with Jaffa, Goa’uld, NID, etc) should be viable. The more advanced Earth starfleet at the point things ended on TV could add some interesting new angles.

Finished and released to its potential, it would be a great way to resurrect the franchise.

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