Quantum Leap and Star Trek: Enterprise

A friend mentioned “Quantum Leap”, and my mind just went off into crazy speculation on how it could be linked to another of Scott Bakulas shows, “Star Trek: Enterprise”

Now, typically, Sam Beckett would jump into people from the past to set something right.  Normally, this could only happen in his lifetime, but an exception existed that could go further along his family line.

Forward leaping never happened, but I don’t think it’s a huge stretch to think the leaping technology could achieve it under some circumstances.

So, let’s say… Sam Beckett jumps more than a century ahead, to find himself in command of humanities best starship, which has just become involved in a Temporal Cold War, with multiple powers trying to end mankind.  He goes, does his thing, sets it right and humanity gets on track.

He then returns to his native time and body.  He destroys all of his research and the equipment built to support it.  I was first thinking it could have been “humanity isn’t ready”, but it’s also possible, even likely, that he was terrified of what other Temporal Cold War powers could do with it if they figured out how to deliberately target leaps.

He then takes up a professorship somewhere, and starts a family, inspiring his descendants to be scientists and engineers.  One of them, Henry Archer, develops the Warp Five engine.  Henry’s son Johnathan is subsequently given command of Enterprise, but not long after, Captain Archer finds himself in an odd waiting room…

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