Pidge to a trans woman

This is Pidge, from the Netflix reboot of Voltron.  Pidge is special to me, and here’s why.  Putting the body behind a cut because it’s not a first minute reveal, though it is S1.


So, Pidge is introduced as a nerdy cadet, another young man along with the rest.  Or so we think.

Then, we find out that Pidge is actually a girl.  Shiro, the Black Lion pilot, finds out early and RESPECTS HER WISH TO KEEP THIS QUIET.  And is totally OK with her being a girl, never doubts her worth to the team.

Eventually, she comes out to the rest of the team, and while Lance had a bit of a dramatic WTF reaction… everyone was OK with this.  No one doubted her, disrespected her, or treated her as anything but the badass warrior nerd she was.

And she didn’t have to go back to her pre Garrison more traditionally feminine presentation, she was respected as is.  Never doubted. Never demanded her legal name or anything like that, just called her Pidge as she clearly wanted to be called that.

Granted, the reasons and circumstances behind her pretending to be a guy were rather different from those typical of trans women, but that’s still an experience we are very familiar with.  And the way the team handled it was pretty much exactly how you should handle it if a friend comes out to you as trans(though Lance’s initial reaction was not ideal).

As Pidge’s storyline developed, she’s easily become my favorite character.  She’s not simply entertaining(though she is that), she’s actually inspiring.

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