Bad OK Cupid question

OK Cupid has an annoying question I might unanswer. “For you personally, is abortion an option for unintended pregnancy”.
Given my current and likely perpetual inability to get pregnant*, this question is an automatic no. It cannot be an option for me if I can’t get pregnant, that’s just how reality works.
But I have a sense they were asking for more of a moral stance, not thinking of how the wording technically means that huge numbers of the most enthusiastic pro choice and even pro abortion have to answer no.
I’m probably being too literal with the question but it really annoys me.
* There have been some recent successes with transplanted uteruses(uteri?), but this is unlikely to be fully mature and ready for trans people before I’m just too old to safely do this. But I do sort of expect I’ll live to see the first nonintersex trans women who get to give birth.

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