F-15 Strike Eagle II weirdness

F-15 Strike Eagle II is not particularly realistic. This is to be expected to some extent for any flight sim from the period targeting the hardware it did, but not in the ways I’ve found.
I just ran a Vietnam War scenario. First problem, the F-15 wasn’t in service. And the E variant wasn’t for quite a while after. Anyways, assume I’m in a prototype secretly deployed.
A prototype F-15E capable of carrier operations. A carrier which I sunk immediately and shot down the CAP. No friendly response.
I then blow up four land based airfields, shoot down three F-18s(apparently top secret prototypes get deployed in squadron strength), a half dozen F-4’s, land on the rubble strewn empty field that used to be an airbase… and my pilot is not immediately kicked out, nor did I have USAF or USN pilots coming for me.

Now, I did get docked about 1700 of 1700 points I had earned from hitting enemy targets for a grand total of zero, but I should have been thrown in the brig with an “accidental” discharge of the guards weapon “tragically” ending my life before trial.  And that assumes I survived having every USAF, USN, and South Vietnamese air force unit on my ass.

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