Checking account search

So I’m looking at maybe getting a new checking account. My existing one works, but there’s nothing special about it. And really the whole decision was on two factors- right on my commute, and no fee/no min balance checking. I needed it easy to get to because my previous work paycard had atrocious build quality. I’d had to pay, several times, for replacement cards when the existing card just randomly stopped working, so I wanted to get an account locally so I could take money out in person. That’s less critical now that I have a few credit cards, giving me alternate ways to access some money should I have a problem with my debit card. So online only banks, and banks with inaccessible physical branches, are on the table at this point.

I’m researching options, and I see great things like no minimum, no fees, absurd interest rates like .65%(on a checking account!), wonder why none of the financial youtubers I watch talk about them…

Check reviews…
Awash in a sea of one star reviews. Like, a lot of these, if nothing ever goes wrong you’ll have a great experience. This is not realistic. Literally every financial institution I’ve been with problems have come up, if I say otherwise that’s really just that they fixed it promptly without undue obstacles. Sometimes my fault, sometimes their fault, sometimes shit just happens. However it happens, you’ll need to contact their customer service at some point and I don’t want it to take days or weeks to sort out without access to my money and no actual explanation as to why. Customer service is near universal as the main complaint in the bad reviews, and shows up a lot as “while I like the account, service could be better” even in good reviews.

And that, I would guess, is why they don’t talk about places like FNBO Direct or Axos(they’re the bank behind my works paycard program and holy shit they are terrible), and push in unsponsored videos places like Ally with rates of .1%. I’m likely to go with one of the better customer service options, because I really don’t need shit to go wrong in an emergency if I’m with, say, Axos. I’ll likely lose some potential earnings but the risk is much less.

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