Haloween Costume hunt

Trying to find an affordable Operations Division shirt from the TNG-VOY era and I see TNG era ones… listed as Command Division.

No. Yellow was Command Division in TOS, but in the TNG+ era yellow is Operations. Command is red in that era. Grrr.

Kind of striking out, it’s falling into a price range where I have the money but being able to afford them is questionable. And the cheaper listings are cheap enough compared to the startrek.com store that I would question the quality.

Might be best to hold off, get good one in a few weeks. Then I’ll have it for next yearwhen I might be able to go out(this year it would just be a discord thing where people might see it).

Why Operations? That’s where the engineers live, and I’d like to also build a functional tricorder for this costume. Granted, it won’t be as capable as the units shown on screen. But, a Raspberry Pi with an Arduino or two connected to various sensors should be enough functionality to be fairly impressive in this context. Might see if I can revive my Nexus 7(I think it just needs a new battery) and 3D print a case to make it look like a PADD too. My Tab A would be a more capable tablet, but it’s larger so I’m not sure it would look quite right. Or if the finances and needed capability line up right, maybe I could build a Raspberry Pi based PADD. So, I think Operations Division, what an engineer would be in, is appropriate for a costume where I’m building my own functional items like this.

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