Beware: Children At Play review

Watched Beware: Children At Play after seeing a Whang video about it. It was actually pretty good!

Surprisingly intelligent criticism of the more dangerous threads in American Christianity that are relevant even now in what i expected to mainly be an excuse to kill a lot of kids in excessively gory fashion.

The main strike against it, assuming you don’t go in expecting modern special effects(even if you do, perhaps), is a shockingly pointless rape scene. It’s used to set up a teenager coming on to an adult, but they could easily have made that work without the rape. I just don’t see what that added other than a chance to show a bare boob. Usually such scenes do *something* to advance the story, even if it would be better left implied than shown. Not a super graphic one all things considered(Hell, The L Word was arguably worse on this particular point), but still, unnecessary.

Standard gore horror content warnings, lots of death, gore, blood and guts and cannibalism and all. There is child death. Very little nudity except the rape scene and that was just a top pulled down.The dog did live though.

I’d call it similar to Peter Pan, if you took out some of the blatant racism(or at least made it less obvious, I may be missing some), and rather than a fun loving never grow up type he’s a cannibal.

One comment

  1. I will clarify that there’s a background plot point of a group so racist that the KKK was basically the NAACP in comparison. Had there been a sequel(there was one point that could have been meant as sequel bait) I expect this group would have been fairly prominent. But in the bulk of the story there isn’t a huge amount of racism. Not like a lot of movies anyways.

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